Studentenparadies Jena - Studieren mit Wohlfühlgarantie

Living expenses

Studying in Jena is affordable: due to an increase from UNICUM, one can count on only paying 550 Euros per month (assuming one doesn't have a car and monthly rent is approximately 200 Euros). The semester fees, less than 200 Euros, are some of the most affordable when compared to other colleges. Thuringia doesn't have student fees and will continue without them in the future, based on the recommendation of the Thuringian prime minister. In a study of trade journals, Jena was identified as the "Munich of the East". With regards to finances, one could, for example, complete a six-semester bachelors program with a total cost of approximately 20,000 Euros. In the other Munich, this sum would at best only provide for the first half of a study program.








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