Studentenparadies Jena - Studieren mit Wohlfühlgarantie


In Jena , you always live well: the old student anthem sings of student freedom, the beauty of the young women, and naturally, of the Jena wine which flows freely through the throats of young "Studiosi".

More than a hundred years later, this remains mostly unchanged. Except of course that the young women, who are by all means still beautiful, now sit in the lecture halls along with their male classmates. The Jena Paradise has also been known since earlier times: the fields along the Saale river were given this name in the Middle Ages. Today there is a park at this location, which lies directly at Jena 's city center. For more than a century there has also been a train station with the same name, which greets students arriving from Berlin or Munich on the ICE trains.

The Jena Student Paradise is there for your arrival and for your stay. It's there for relaxing and for celebrating, for learning and for savoring. Student Paradise is the smell of the grill and badminton being played in the park. It's maudlin discussions, disputes, and debates in the taverns along the "Wagnergasse". It's the tinkerers and the inventors, who make it necessary for the patent office to have an independent branch in Jena . It's the cautious, on the go, and staggeringly creative 8000 entrepreneurs, who helped dub Jena the " Saalicon Valley ". And above all, just like in the past 450 years, it's the clever - at times smoldering - heads behind books and in front of manuscripts in the colleges, who give the city of Jena its face, and its brain.

So why is there a Student Paradise initiative in Jena ? Because we want to be even better than we already are and we want other people to know about it. We: that is the city and the region, the university, the college of applied sciences, and the student union. Read about everything we can already do, see what we want to achieve, and above all, come along on the journey.


Let us know how we can make life easier, and how we can make life a little more like paradise in your, and our, Student Paradise in Jena .



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